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Fallen Angel (Fallen Angel, #1) (2000)

by Heather Terrell(Favorite Author)
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Fallen Angel
review 1: i feel dumb and that my brain has just vacated itself from my head and thats how badly i felt for myself after reading this booknow if one asks what is wrong with the book then i can say that nothing particular happens in the book and you are just waiting for something to happen in the book or to pick up a bit pace but falls flat it could also be because i have too much paranormal genres going in my head but still i would say that i was really flipping through the pages to get it over with.
review 2: Why? Just.... Why?I had such high hopes for this book. I was looking forward to reading it for like a year when my friend told me about how good it was. It was NOTHING like I thought it would be. It started off okay, but took a sharp nosedive towards the middle.My
... morefirst problem with it was Ellie's personality. I'm so sick of all the PR main characters being insecure, unconfident, and second guessing themselves. I'm not saying that girls don't do that - we do - but not ALL THE TIME. Even when her parents practically spelled out what she was she was still second guessing herself. It was ridiculous and extremely annoying.Second (and this is a first for me because I always like the love interest in books. No matter how unhappy I was with it): Micheal. I hated how gullible he was. It made him seem so pathetic. He believed every lie Ezekiel or whoever else told him and just ran with it. He never put his foot down at any point or showed any masculinity at all really unless he wanted to drink Ellie's blood, and he didn't even try that hard then.Third: For such a big book, it only really got three points across about the series: 1) Ellie is Nephilim. 2) Ellie is important. 3) Something big is about to happen. I mean, really? It took 310 pages just to say what could have been said in the first freaking chapter?! This book would have been way more interesting if it had more points in it in a less drawn out manner. Even with Ellie's insecurities and Micheal's spinelessness in the mix. less
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it was a great quick read. it has Its faults But I did enjoy it. I read it in a day
What is it with me and picking up boring books to read?
Loved it. Want more books.
unusual but good
It was ok...
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