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Family Man (2013)

by Heidi Cullinan(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 4
Samhain Publishing
review 1: For being able to read this very unexpectedly, this wasn't a bad read! It was tender, and tended to focus more on the romance between the two gentlemen more than the sex, which I really enjoyed. I liked how they both wound up emotionally supporting one another, and the dichotomy between their two families. The big Italian family was interesting to watch as they reacted to Vinnie's announcement! This was an enjoyable read, but I'm still torn about owning it.
review 2: This is a sweet story with lots and lots of family.Vince is 38 and has been married 3 times. So to say he is not that great in the relationship department is an understatement. That is when he starts wondering… perhaps he is gay. But he comes from a very large catholic Italian family who are
... morenot that fond of people who are gay (there is a gay cousin who everyone seems to hate). After his big epiphany he runs in to Trey, a friend of the family.Trey is 25 and working two jobs to be able to provide for his grandmother and his alcoholic mother. After running into Vince in a gay club, Trey’s interest has been piqued and these two start dating. The rest of their road to happiness consists of problems with Trey’s mother, problems with Vince’s family and their exploration of the wondrous world of sex.Vince was a bit of a weird character. He was terrified of being gay, but he sure as hell comes around quickly when he starts dating Trey. I was still in the struggling faze when he suddenly decides everything is gay-okay… Euhm, must have missed the memo then. Trey was really great! I loved him. He was just so very sweet. And I could so understand his struggle with his mother and for wanting it all to just end.Vince’s family was sweet, but if I was Vince I would have run screaming a long time ago. There were just so many of them! And everyone wants to know everything all the time, there is no such thing as privacy.The romance felt a bit boring at the beginning, then a bit weird in the middle and a bit too sweet at the end. But okay, it was enjoyable. But I have to say, the sex scenes did absolutely nothing for me. I would never describe them as hot. It just felt awkward and because Trey kept overanalyzing everything, it never felt as if these two were just overcome with lust and were having amazing mind blowing sex.An easy read, but not all that special. less
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4,5starsI liked it very much and couldn't put it down until I finished reading it.
This was such a sweet and fun read. Very relaxing and easy. Happy reader.
Sweet and enjoyable read. Not my fav from Cullinan though.
it was a sweet story of two men getting together!
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