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Summer House With Swimming Pool (2014)

by Herman Koch(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 2
0804138818 (ISBN13: 9780804138819)
review 1: I was in heaven with this one... A mean, sarcastic narrator - a mean, saracastic doctor with nothing but contempt for his patients - hooray, it's like a visit to my GP! Just kidding, my GP is awesome (please don't ever retire, Dr S - you know you love my periodic visits where I regale you with my latest health anxiety). A very clever idea, very well-paced and well executed. It's quite dry, as you often find with translations, but I prefer that. Marc is not a nice person, but towards the end we get to suspend judgment on him. Or do we..? Whodunnit? Dunno. But loved this one anyway.
review 2: Disturbing and fascinating at the same time. I would start reading it and find myself so bothered I had to put it down, but 5 minutes later I would pick it up and s
... moretart reading again. The main character is a doctor who is disgusted by the human body. His inner dialogue is brutally honest and a bit unsettling. When an incident happens that touches him he falls apart slowly. If I didn't have sympathy for the character who suffered I would have been almost gleeful at his demise. At times the emotion is a bit hollow but overall it leaves you with a lot to digest and think about. less
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I enjoyed this book, despite not liking any of the characters. I think the setting drew me in..
I cannot get past the terrible character that is narrating this book.
this book was terrible. I can't believe I read the whole awful thing.
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