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Tudo O Que Eu Tenho Trago Comigo (2009)

by Herta Müller(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: Such a beautifully written book, on a difficult dreary topic. It's an important topic but reading the book transports you to a world of endless toil and drudgery. About Leo, a young man of German ancestry living in Romania after World War II. The Russians swoop in and he finds himself in a slave labor camp in Russia for the next 5 years. The book is about the inner life he adopts to survive.
review 2: From peckish to ravenous; this was my experience with the spectrum of hunger. But it wasn't until I read Herta Müller's The Hunger Angel that I came to appreciate hunger's full dimension. Here in the postwar Russian labour camp, the hunger angel drains the life force and commandeers the senses of the beleaguered inhabitants while the monotony of their work is
... more tempered by their survival mantra—one shovel of coal = a gram of bread. Yes this is a bleak novel. But Müller, the winner of both the Nobel Prize and the Impac Dublin award, has infused the despair with an unflinching poetic realism. Not a novel to be read in front of the fireplace, nibbling at nuts and sipping at scotch; but a novel to be savoured slowly on a fast day. less
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Een ontdekking. Prachtige taal om gruwelijke toestanden te beschrijven.
Unique language and a very interesting psychological case study.
Just won this from Typographical Era on facebook, thank you!
Deeply moving but ultimately profoundly depressing book.
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