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Witchful Thinking (2012)

by H.P. Mallory(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
0345531450 (ISBN13: 9780345531452)
Jolie Wilkins
review 1: So overall still really like this series. I dont buy the whole Sinjin doesnt care about anyone and he only desires her body. I think he is just playing it off that way. Jolie seriously needs to stop questioning herself, and it was about time Rand figured something out. I'm so confused on Mercedes. i still dont really understand her role in this whole thing. obviously she helped send Jolie back, but why? what are her and Sinjin trying to do!?!
review 2: This book is slow paced. The writing is too wordy as if Mallory is trying to fill more pages. This book is boring for fans who have read the first 2 books. The "Dairy" is a freaking lazy, dumb way to describe Jolie's internal struggle. I thought of giving one a few times. The only reason I persisted is becau
... morese I already have the 4th book, so I must know the story of book #3. BTW, Jolie is supposed to be 28 years old, yet she acts like a teenager in the book. less
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Worst book in the series. Droned on about her love life way too long...
Starts to get a little repetitive but I'm sticking it out.
I like the series.
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