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Third Shift: Pact (2013)

by Hugh Howey(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 5
Broad Reach Publishing
review 1: 3 StarsThis is by far the weakest book in the entire series. I found myself bored and uninterested almost from page one. As other reviewers have pointed out Solo is back in this one and that is not necessarily a good thing. His chapters are dry and dull and do nothing to further make us like him or understand him more.Even though Howey pulls the story lines together I just never really cared. The writing is still excellent but it is lost in this weak read.I am fan of Hugh Howey and highly recommend him and this series. This trilogy concluding book is just missing too many things to warrant high marks.
review 2: This is the final book in the Wool series to be followed by Dust. I love this series! [return][return]The environment outside of the silo is toxic,
... more or so they are told. No one knows of any world other than living in their lone silo and existing on the recyclable materials they have on had. Each one has a job. Some are mechanics, others are cooks, farmers, or teachers. Some even work in IT and seem to have control of everything and everyone Nothing escapes the eye and ears of IT. When a person is convicted of a crime, they must clean. They leave the safe confines of the silo, the only world they know, and go outside to clean the sensors that send images back of the ruined landscape. These people never return. [return][return]After decades of living in the silo, some are bound to question the living conditions. Who build the silo? Why are they there? Are their others like them? Those questions are the biggest crime anyone can commit. Silence is the only way to survive. less
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Incredible ending to a great three-part book! Read Wool first, then read this incredible prequel.
another great series by hugh howry. how had I never heard of this guy before?
A consistently awesome series.
3.5 stars.
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