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Die Verschwörer (2012)

by Inara Scott(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
3863960432 (ISBN13: 9783863960438)
Egmont INK
Delcroix Academy
review 1: This was a good follow up to the first book, The Candidates. My only disappointment was the time between the release dates. But that's always an issue when you really want to read the follow up. I guess it didn't help that I took my time getting to book 2. Anyways, Dancia is back at Delcroix Academy and she is now an official member of the Program. What exactly is the Program? What do they do? Not everything is answered here, but that's why there's another book coming up. I like reading about the different powers each of the students have. I also like the developing friendship between Dancia and her roommate, Catherine. Trust me, I won't be waiting long to read the next installment.
review 2: This is probably a biased review...Throughout the book, I barely wait
... moreed for the moment when Dancia would reconciled with Jack. But no, it did not happen :( I was so so so sad. Anyway, putting all that aside, I think the book was quite decent, with the twist and confusion about the whole Program and Irin thing. However, I did think the author was at times just throwing characters without thorough exploration. This made the reader difficult to connect with. There was so much to digest that in order to make the book not too long, everything was described merely at the surface. I enjoy deep conviction when the author could make his story believable as if the reader was a part of the story, but the book is yet to achieve that.Notwithstanding, it was a quite enjoyable book. Even more enjoyable if we see "Danny" and Jack together in the future. less
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*Gifted to me by publishers in exchange for an honest review*Finish later- pg 200
I liked this 2nd one in the series better than the first one, I think.
This is okay. Looking forward to the next book =]
what a waste of time!
Oh teenage angst.
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