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A Hustler's Promise (2011)

by Jackie Chanel(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 5
1468081969 (ISBN13: 9781468081961)
review 1: This book was basically a breath of fresh air from what i usually read. One, the books i usually reads is about women who are on the grind, but yet they do whatever it takes to get the money, Jay-Jay is a strong independent woman who uses her mind to get herself to the top. Two, she does it not for the love of the money or the clothes or the shoes. She does it for the love of her family. While many authors i have read, mostly the female characters are looking out for the next shoe or the next purse, she was aiming for the next meal for her sisters among other things and i would like to get more in dept of it, but i do want you, the readers to see for yourself. Three, its like a teenage love affair book. It makes you remember the time of your first love and you promise that... more you two will be together forever without knowing the road ahead of you. That blissful ignorance that we all love at the time of innocence where everybody around us tells us to grow up. And four, and i save the best for last, it showed that old saying, love and money do not mix well. Its vary rare in events that it does mix, but nine out of ten, it don't. Jaicyn is a strong, independent, no-nonsense woman with a hot temper. Rashawn is a controlling, ambitious, high-strung hustler who loves Jay-Jay with all his heart. It's like oil and gas, they both make the car run smoothly as possible to your dream destination, but you just need that match to watch it all blow up. and when its big money involve, that match turns into a blowtorch. I cannot wait until i read part two. I already have plans to get the second edition of the story very soon. Good Work Ms. Jackie Chanel
review 2: This was a good read. I loved all the characters from the beginning to the end. It was realistic in the sense that this kind of things happens to people every day and no one realizes what they go through or endure outside of the people in their community. Granted, the main character adapted to her surroundings, but it hardened her where I wish it hadn't. It kind of made her an emasculating figure where she didn't need to be so show strength. I still loved her and was always on her side however. Her character was still very believable. I am def looking forward to reading the sequel to see where the next chapters will take me! less
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Enjoyed it more than I though I would considering the topic. Well constructed characters.
Excellent read characters are easy to get attached to and very memorable.
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