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Ocean Kills (2012)

by Jade Hart(Favorite Author)
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Jade Hart
Ocean Breeze
review 1: I received a free ecopy of this book in a giveaway and only managed to read it recently. Why I waited so long I have no idea!I haven’t read such an exhilarating book in quite some time. However, I did think there were more details of the romance and love-making between Ocean and Callan than I would have cared to know, but the adventure and surprising twists balanced it well. I rarely read about teleporting and found that to be an interesting concept in Ocean Kills. A lot of ethical questions were raised in my mind throughout the story. What makes killing ‘right’ or wrong? Is it better to purge the world of evil using somewhat brutal methods or should you trust in the law to dish out the appropriate punishments? Most importantly though, is there hope for Ocean?I cann... moreot wait to read the next in this series. I want to know more about these black marks, whether there are others out there similar to Ocean , and more about the true identity of Maurice.
review 2: Great premise for a story - truly original. I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly futuristic, teleportation world. Not quite dystopia but not quite the world we know.Ocean is a likeable heroine - tough as nails, although this self-isolation she inflicts is a little waring at times.Callan Bliss - well, what can I say. A hot, surfing cop with sunkissed complexion. What's not to like?The back and forth between the pair was stimulating, then became a little annoying - I wanted to shake Ocean and make her speak to Callan. There were reasons for her not opening up, but it was painful at times. I'm definitely looking forward to the next instalment in the saga that is Ocean and her future. less
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Fast moving, kickass science-fiction teleporting heroine, dark and gritty!
Really 4.5 stars. I really loved this book and can't wait for book two.
Hmm, finally a book a like. Thanks Ornella :)!
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