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Mirror Amour (2000)

by Jade Hart(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Jade has written a really fantastic story. It wasn't even the blurb that won me over. The tent on the cover did it for me. Okay so I am partial. Although I do not agree that this book should be categorized as a New Adult. In my opinion it needs to be placed in the Erotic Adult genre. (Maybe I'm getting old, I've been getting harsher about that distinction lately.) I liked the characters and the plot. Jade had done a wonderful job. Mirror Amour is a wonderfully written book and I really enjoyed the read.
review 2: Linden is a highly intelligent scientist sharing a home with her male counterpart, Noah. Driving home one day the Cirotica flyer lands on her windshield and starts a domino effect of spontaneous decisions. Linden finds out that Noah has secrets, want
... mores and issues he's hiding and pushing away. Linden airs them all.This book was of great quality, given the genre and setting. You cannot stop reading once you start. I will definitely be looking to read more from Jade Hart. less
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Holy hotness Batman. No words. It's 4:42 am, and I can't think right now. This book... So good!
This was DNF for me because there was menage. To each their own.
Another piece of genius from Jade Hart!
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