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Il Vangelo Di Nosferatu (2012)

by James Becker(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 4
8854139718 (ISBN13: 9788854139718)
Newton Compton
Chris Bronson
review 1: I debated between two and three stars because, although I finished it only two days ago, I am struggling to remember anything about the book other than I felt it had a very abrupt ending! "Threats to life and limb, terrifying possible vampire ...aaaaand it is all fine and we're going home!"Although there is room for a sequel specific to this topic.The topic was interesting, the setting fun to read about (Venice), and I'll read another Becker before passing final judgment on this series. I find his character, Angela, interesting (possibly because I would love to work at the British Museum!) but find Bronson less roguish and intelligent than I think Becker would like me to.
review 2: i have only read the one dan brown book: the da vinci code. it was an ok page
... moreturner that crammed a lot into its pages with a straight forward no frills style of writing. a style of writing that was neither good nor bad, just indifferent. for some odd reason i have become a bit of a fan of the dan brown knock off book. you koow the thing: a recently uncovered secret could spell doom and disaster if revealed/ covered up our heroes must fight to protect/ announce the secret. one of the things that strike you about such books is how long they are for what is in them and secondly how little is in them compared with the shift that dan brown has put in with da vinci code. in this one chris (a british copper) and angela (a historian and ceramics expert) are on holiday in venice where they find a diary of someone who thinks they are a vampire and stumble onto a series of brutal killings. some interesting facts about vampires and venice are thrown in. chis and angela seem surpursed but as this seems to happen to them a lot i reckon they would be disappointed if they went somewhere and nothing happened. if the text had been pared back and the writing more pulp noirish it might have been a whole lot more entertaining. however the book market at the moment doesn't seem to favour short books - at least not in genre fiction. workman like is the best i can do when it comes to describing this. it does show that dan brown has at least worked at trying to make his books interesting and entertaining. i doubt i will read another book by james becker. less
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Chilling, historically involved, enough sense of mystery to leave a pleasant tingle in the spine.
Very much a let down!
Bit humdrum.
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