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A Mortal Terror (2011)

by James R. Benn(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
1569479941 (ISBN13: 9781569479940)
Soho Crime
Billy Boyle World War II
review 1: Another thrilling adventure, this time behind the lines in Italy. Billy discovers that his younger brother has been shipped to Italy, and he watches for him as he tries to solve the mystery of who is bumping off members of the 3rd Division and leaving playing cards on their bodies. When he discovers that Danny has been assigned to that same division, and more soldiers die, he jumps in and does what he can to protect Danny and identify the killer. I found the description of this battle on Wikipedia very interesting as well.
review 2: The best Billy Boyle so far. Billy, now a 1st Lieutenant is back in Italy tracking down a serial killer. Along the way, his brother -- who was in an officer training program in the States -- is deployed to the invasion of Italy.
... moreBilly finds himself with a dual purpose: keeping his brother safe and tracking a killer. The story lines intersect with pretty shocking results. This series is so compelling. less
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fun, easy reading packed with lots of historical information.
Good book, I've enjoyed the Billy Boyle series.
I am continuing to enjoy this series very much.
I didn't figure out till billy did.
Best one of the series so far!
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