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Private Paradise (2011)

by Jami Alden(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
0013230158 (ISBN13: 2940013230156)
Jami Alden
review 1: 2.5 StarsThis was a very cliched romance but I'm ok with that when I'm just looking for something in the interim between my more serious reads. Between the multiple spelling and grammar errors and the hurricane plot tool, this was really like any other harlequin type romance out there. I might pick up the other books in the series if they go down in price so I can have some filler on my Kindle but I mostly likely won't look into anything else by this author unless it's super cheap or free. I have a hard time paying for anything that wasn't spell checked appropriately.
review 2: I finished the book in a day, but I took some time to think of being honest with my review. The first thing is I enjoyed the description of the place called Paradise and characters. T
... morehe constant insults , the way Carla would remind Sam of the youth he was and not the man he is today. I liked Sam and all I could think was how much more can he take from her. I would think after 10 years people grow up . I feel that the author waited to long to let Carla forgive Sam. I would have enjoyed that more then the way the ending felt too rushed. One last thing I read books with sex in them and don't mind if is done right, this felt over the top in distasteful. But, this is my review and s o me may want to read and find out for their on opinion. less
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Bit slow to start off with but it was a good enticing read.
Really great book, can't wait to read more books by Jami.
Easy read. Predictable. Fair 2nd chance romance.
Hot series
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