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Take Me, Cowboy (2013)

by Jane Porter(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 2
Tule Publishing
Copper Mountain Rodeo
review 1: This freebie had a solid and great start and turned bad very much right after the middle. The whole "hero who was burned by a money-hungry ex-wife" trope was solved in such a rushed way, let's talk about marriage after a few days of relationship, even though he previously thought of the heroine in the same line as of his ex-wife, was done very poorly. A B for the first part which captivated me right away, but ultimately I go with a D because the ending was such a let down.
review 2: This short and sweet story will grab your attention immediately. It will give you hope and make you root for Colton to prove Jenny's beliefs wrong. Jenny likes to rely on herself and not let romantic notions cloud her judgement while Colton sets out to prove her wrong. A quick r
... moreead that makes your day!! Totally loving all the Montana Born Series!! Makes me want to hop on a plane and go there!! less
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Alright. Not much depth or character development. A bit flat.
Graphic! This is not like the other one. Good series.
It was nice getting lost in this novella.
Moved a little too fast.
Is a great book to read
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