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Werewolves Of Montpellier (2010)

by Jason(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
1606993593 (ISBN13: 9781606993590)
review 1: Jason! Remember when I kind of hated you? Sorry!You're like delicious Norwegian candy, and I am grateful. This book was good for a laugh and a sigh -- full of weird little sight gags like when the protagonist puts on a werewolf mask and it looks indiscernible from his own dog-face. Thankfully, not one of your darker works. Now on to a 4-book collection of you. I hope I still like you when that's done.
review 2: An artist living in Montpellier lives a quiet existence filling his sketchbook with life drawings, playing chess with his friend, going to soirees and meeting girls, and getting drunk. It's a gentle life. And then once a month he dresses up as a werewolf, stalking the rooftops, and breaking into peoples' houses. Then he meets a group of real werewolves w
... moreho give him the choice - leave and never return or stay and face the consequences... Jason's newest comic book, in full colour, has moments of whimsy like his previous book "The Last Musketeer" but is less comical. The story is really about the main character, Sven, and his on again off again relationship with Audrey, a bisexual artist with whom he is in love. It's delicately told and we're given a glimpse into the bohemian lifestyles of artists in Montpellier as well as their inner lives. If you know anything about Jason you'll know all his characters have animal faces and rarely speak though in this book there is a lot of dialogue. It's a more subtle story than the title suggests and is full of wonderful moments between the characters like a sequence showing Sven and Audrey drunk and walking home where the panels are in disarray, or a page where the two of them are on a beach. It's a great comic book from a fantastic artist and will be greeted with joy from all of Jason's ever-growing fan base. A fine addition to any comic book collection and a wonderful read. less
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It has its moments, but I still prefer Jason's other work to this one. It left me wanting more.
Stop wasting time reading Chris Ware and read more Jason.
Oh Jason.You never disappoint.
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