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The Penderwicks In Spring (2000)

by Jeanne Birdsall(Favorite Author)
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The Penderwicks
review 1: My review is based on an ARC that I received at NCTE. I really enjoyed this fourth Penderwick book but not as much as the first three. The Penderwicks in Spring focuses mostly on Batty and is emotionally heavier than the other books. Birdsall is a very strong writer--she took my son from tears to laughter in just the first chapter, but I missed the older girls, especially Skye who seems to have a lot of unresolved angst about their mother's death. I wonder whether she made that choice because of publishing industry demands that books aimed at younger readers cannot be told from the POV of characters above a certain age, presumably because they're all having sex or doing drugs (but both Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson books saw their characters growing up into their late... more teens). I think there are lots of ways to show that characters are maturing, and I wish Birdsall had let us see more of them. Jane and Rosalind remain flat throughout the book, but Skye has a lot going on. I hope the fifth book provides some growth and closure for her. All of that aside, it's highly recommended for Penderwick fans!
review 2: This book should be out this year! Does Jeanne know that people are waiting for her? I have several suggestions;1. Hurry up and release it! 2. Write faster! 3. Put Skye and Jeffrey together or else! (Okay not so much a suggestion...)4. Ditch the Batty n' Ben narration.5. Make it a YA book so we can get into the secret lives of Rosalind, Jane, and Skye. (I do know that this won't happen though...:()6. Continue your awesomeness! :D Just, um, one more thing. RELEASE YOUR FRICKIN BOOK ALREADY!(I know that, as a children's author, you might not be used to this. Be grateful. People like Rick Riordan get this kind of crap times a gatrillion Every Single Minute. As a sign of your thankfulness, you might want to release your book early! :D Wow! Who was the genius who came up with that idea??? Your fans, that's who!) So I obviously can't wait! :)Edit: A cover! And a title! And a description!! less
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Oh my goodness, it's wonderful to have the Penderwicks back.
waiting !!!!
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