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The Half Life (2011)

by Jennifer Weiner(Favorite Author)
3.14 of 5 Votes: 5
1442341874 (ISBN13: 9781442341876)
Simon & Schuster Audio
review 1: I may be the only person who truly hated Mary - a woman who was in the background and really barely a blip on the radar (even if she is the "other woman") but, yuck... what a horrible creature. Happy or not, Tosh is a complete idiot for falling for her pathetic "helpless female" routine.He was right about one thing though: he ISN'T good enough for Pippa! But he is perfect for a manipulative, home-wrecking trollop like Mary! =P
review 2: I read Jennifer Weiner's short story Christmas night and loved it! In such few words she intertwines a story about the dynamics of family relationships as life circumstances change.For Jennifer Weiner fans, we are so fortunate that between writing novels, blogging for EW, and everything else she does, this author takes the time
... moreto publish short and affordable $0.99 stories. Short stories are not written in a matter of minutes. These takes take time and editing. Thanks, Jen! less
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This short story shows us the end of a marriage in all its complexity, sadness, and freedom.
Loved the story, hated the ending. Want it to be made into a book!
Not as good as "In Her Shoes"
Short story
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