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Bring On The Night (2010)

by Jeri Smith-Ready(Favorite Author)
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1439163480 (ISBN13: 9781439163481)
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WVMP Radio
review 1: Bring On The Night is the third book in the WVMP Radio Series. I can't believe how addicting this series is. I thought I would read one book and then continue on with my TBR list for a while. I read a few books and then had to return to this series. It is THAT good. In fact, I would read the final book next if I didn't have other Book Nerd commitments.There is a lapse in time of about two and a half years between books two and three. Ciara is almost finished with her college classes and has started her training to become a Control agent. Shortly after her return to the station, there is an outbreak of chicken pox. This is not your ordinary chicken pox, but a deadly mutation. Several Sherwood residents die, so they quarantine the city. WVMP becomes the official source for e... moremergency information.On top of this...there is a zombie outbreak. The Control felt that zombies were extinct, but they are soon terrorizing the town. They need to take emergency action.There is so much more that I want to say, but I don't want to give away any spoilers. There is a lot of action, some steamy romance, and a bit of a mystery involved. If you haven't read this series I strongly suggest that you do.
review 2: Bring the Night by Jeri Smith-Ready is a popcorn vampire novel, as soon as you read it you have forgotten it. It starts out as action, gets caught up in romance and then brings angst into the picture. It doesn't know where it is going. It has some interesting and new concepts but never fully explores them so you are left feeling unsatisfied. OK if you have nothing else to read but I wouldn't buy a copy. less
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love this series, to bad the next book is the last, I wished it would last a few more.
WOW, now, there were so many surprises here I won't say anything but that!
I cannot wait for the next book!!!
read first may 2012
3 1/2 stars
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