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Lust For Life (2012)

by Jeri Smith-Ready(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 2
1439163502 (ISBN13: 9781439163504)
WVMP Radio
review 1: This book did not have the ending I expected. I really do love how she writes. I don't want to write a review full of spoilers. The story centers around a radio station that has DJ's that are all vampires. This is the third book in the series, hence the twist in the ending. I feel it wraps up the series well without that feeling of wanting more that some authors leave. You know, wiggle room for a sequel. The whole series also comes with a playlist for each book. I like most of the songs listed and it expanded my musical repertoire a little bit. The bottom line is if you like music and vampires and a good story read this series!
review 2: One of my favorite things about Jeri’s writing is that she sure knows how to close out a series. Lust for Life is
... moreevery bit as exciting, engaging, and entertaining as its predecessors and everything wraps up quite nicely. I’ve definitely grown to like the characters over time and really get invested in Ciara & Shane’s relationship. Another thing I’ve come to expect with this series is that I never know where the plot is going to go! Jeri added quite a few twists, brought back some pivotal characters, and introduced readers to a few new and important ones. All in all, it was one crazy ride.I know a lot of readers will like how Ciara and Shane’s relationship ends up, but personally, I thought it was a bit too convenient and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Jeri did a great job with weaving it into the story, explaining it all, and setting it up with the way Ciara is, but I was kind of disappointed it didn’t go the other way. Regardless, all the characters, once again, had a good amount of spotlight, and I like how Jeri can do that without it being too much. I also liked Ciara’s OCD as a vampire. It’s pretty funny and works its way in during the most inane moments, which made me laugh.Lust for Life is a very nice conclusion to a very unique vampire story that I think a lot of readers will enjoy. Jeri makes sure to answer all your questions about this gang of vampire DJs and also leaves room for you to make what you will of them. If I haven’t said it before, this series is very much character-driven and Jeri knows how to create memorable ones that you’ll easily love. less
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Highly recommended! Sad to know this is the last WVMP novel.
3.5 stars some things I liked, others I didn't
Disappointing end to a fantastic series.
That was the BEST ending ever!!!!!!
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