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Underestimated Too (2000)

by Jettie Woodruff(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I loved this book, it was fantastic, I loved it more then the first book. I found it so interesting to read things that happened through Drew's eyes, some things surprised me and some things angered me. Some of the things revealed in their counseling sessions were so shocking, I could not believe some of the revelations from Drew and from Morgan, there was quite a few surprises. What happened to Derek was just rewards. I loved Drew with Nicholas, he was such a great daddy, and of course I loved how Morgan was with him. Morgan made me angry at times when she kept pushing Drew but then I would get angry at Drew when he would not back down. I liked their therapist, she did not take any crap and let them have it, she put them both in their place. Some parts of the book scared ... moreme, other parts made me so happy, and then there were the parts that made me cry my eyes out. I was so worried about a decision Drew made toward the end but it worked out in the long run for them and of course I loved the surprise Morgan had for Drew and then the surprise Drew had for Morgan. I enjoyed reading the epilogue and wish that how it ended might mean the door is left open for another book down the road if the author wants to write one, even a novella would be fine lol This was a difficult but very good series to read.
review 2: Please note this review is for Underestimated & Underestimated TooI could not have asked for a better introduction to this author. I loved everything about this series.The characters came alive within the pages of this book and the connection I felt towards them was instant and intense. The emotions that ran through my mind were many, leaving my heart aching and my head spinning in such a wonderful way. The storyline was fresh, interesting, surprising and unpredictable.I melted into the slow decent of evil questioning my thoughts as I read. How is it I could fall so fast for this man? How could the author control my mind making me yearn for something I should feel is so wrong? The answer is easy. Writing that was not only intriguing but captivating as well.With the author’s words I felt the essence of every emotion. Visions of where this story takes place exploded in my mind creating vibrant colorful images. The words that danced upon the pages of this incredible story made a slow decent into my mind, directing my thoughts and emotions while slowly seeping into my soul.What I found really surprising was how the author approached book two. I have read many books from the male’s point of view but nothing prepared me for Drew’s thoughts. A surprising mix of real time storytelling interwoven with flashbacks that just blew me away. I basked in the glow of the brilliant way the author chose to expose not only the inner workings of Drew’s mind but Morgan’s as well.Trust me when I say if you are thinking of buying book one of the series you might as well buy book two at the same time. You will want to know every thought behind every action.As I stated when I started sharing my thoughts this was my introduction to this author and now that I have found her I plan on reading everything she has already published and anything she publishes in the future. less
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a great surprise , from the first book not what I expected
Loved this book!
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