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How To Enjoy Your Job (2008)

by J.F. Penn(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
140920376X (ISBN13: 9781409203766)
review 1: It's a solid book, full of solid advice. I found myself picking and choosing which chapters to delve into, as some of them were more specific to MY scenario than others. But then, that's not really a bad thing... If means the book has enough breadth to give some advice to anyone.I'd *actually* love to see Joanna write one that's a bit more specific for people leaving their old career for the writing career, like she did. ;) But this book is more broad, less focused, and therefore actually going to be MORE effective for more people. Which is a good thing.Give it a read - it's not a thick book, and worth the time!
review 2: If you're stuck, or feeling trapped in your job due to bills, you come home tired and grumpy, and know that you will explode if someone need
... mores one more thing from you, this book is for you.Joanna Penn turned her life and career around, one step at a time, and she shares this process with you. Whether you want a career change, or interested in being happy in your current job, she provides tools that are realistic and applicable that she used when leaving the corporate world and beginning her own business.I have had times in my life that I knew what I wanted, but not how to get there. This book is different from others because there is a plan to achieve the changes. less
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Inspirational and practical advice for anyone wanting to work for themselves or change careers.
The book was very predictable and I abandoned about a 1/3 through.
this was a wast
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