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Dämon, Dämon An Der Wand (2012)

by Jim C. Hines(Favorite Author)
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3404206606 (ISBN13: 9783404206605)
Bastei Lübbe
review 1: This was my favorite of the series, and generally I find that most series get weaker as they go along. This one got stronger and it showed in the final book. It is heartbreaking, sad, and it made me cry. But in the end everyone does get there happily ever after. It may not be in the way that most people would want or expect but everyone finds happiness. It was not easy to find this happiness, friends where lost, love was lost, and so much more. In the end though after all Talia, Snow, and Danielle they all found a happiness and were redeemed for the past mistakes they made.
review 2: While I would be happy to see Hines' princess series extend further, if it has to end (and it does), then this is the way to end it.This book is significantly darker than the
... more previous books in this series, something I, personally, fully support. I love darkness in my fictional fantasy books. But it isn't just for the sake of being a dark book. Danielle, Talia and Snow have all grown through these books, perhaps Danielle the most, and this book is the logical conclusion of all their stories, especially Snow's.There isn't much more I can say, I think, without spoiling the entire book, other than it had me almost crying in a public place.If you enjoyed the other three books in the series, and are not opposed to seeing all of happily ever after expectations thrown out of the window (well, maybe not all of them), then you will enjoy this book, and I highly recommend you read it. less
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each volume in this series is darker than the previous. Very interesting story telling
a bittersweet ending to the series; a good book overall.
Love the twist on traditional fairy tales!
Heartbreaking. And Absolutely Wonderful.
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