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The Embattled Road (2012)

by J.M. Madden(Favorite Author)
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JM Madden
review 1: Having read the first book in this series, reading the prequel brought many things into perspective. This series is the story of three Iraqi wounded warriors who find each other in hospital and from their injuries they persevere to grow as humans and to build a business together using the training the Marine Corps provided for them. You learn about how each was wounded and the extent of their injuries.This book will make you think about those who have served and died as well as those who served and survived. Veterans, regardless of which war or conflict they served in, deserve our respect and our gratitude regardless of our personal feelings about war in general.
review 2: It was nice to get some background for this series. No you don't have to read them in ord
... moreer but it does help. There is graphic sex in the series so if that offends you - skip those parts or don't read the book. But you will miss out on stories written with our returning soldiers as main characters. Yes they are romance stories but they bring a little of what the men and women returning from war go through once they return and try to heal. Sorry I am not a better reviewer. less
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Excellent. Can't wait to read the series and see these heroes get a HEA.
Enjoyed the series - this was a nice addition giving us some back-story
A very good prequel to the Lost and Found Investigations series.
Interesting start to a new series. Can't wait to read more.
prequel to series coming after, sets the stage for more
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