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Always Me (2013)

by Jo-Anna Walker(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 1
Freedom Rains Press
review 1: (Book purchased through Amazon UK)Always Me is the conclusion to Sebastian and Tori’s story and what a conclusion it is.The book starts 2 years after Sebastian was killed in a shoot-out and Tori was left alone and pregnant with their child. A child that Sebastian didn’t know had been conceived. Jose is back on the scene and OMG he is one scary ass, crazed lunatic! The FBI has been looking out for Tori for the past couple of years and she has tried to get over Sebastian by dating someone else. Regardless of this she doesn’t feel safe and she certainly can’t get over Sebastian. Especially when she sees him in her son every single day.What I love about Jo-Anna’s writing is her ability to bring her characters to life. Every aspect of each of the characters just ooze ... moretheir features. Take Jose he’s the bad guy and he’s written that well you end up hating him and fearing him all at the same time. Jo-Anna literally drags you in kicking and screaming and has you consumed in Tori’s emotions. You feel everything she does, you see the scenes play out in front of you as the text on the page turns into images in your mind. It’s no secret that Jo-Anna is one of those authors I would drop everything for to read her newest release and so far she hasn’t disappointed me.I don’t want to say too much about the book as I don’t want to give everything away. Just make sure you’re due a manicure before reading this, that way once you’ve finished chewing your nails from page one through to the last page you won’t be cursing at the state of your nails.
review 2: Well, Omfg! I loved it!I'll admit, Tori definitely gave me a lot of "Girl, wtf are you doing?" moments in Break Me, but I have to say not so much this time around! And Sebastian...yeah, how did he manage to get hotter? Brett....I so wanted to smack him....a lot.And Jose...what a sick bastard! There was even more of him this time around and he is truly a sick man!Another great entry to a great series! This will definitely get another read...multiple, actually! I can't wait for the next instalment. less
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Worth the wait. What a beautifully heartbreaking story x
One of my new fav authors loved this series
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