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Cielo Di Sabbia (2011)

by Joe R. Lansdale(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
8806208578 (ISBN13: 9788806208578)
review 1: a young adult novel set in Oklahoma/Texas during the dust bowl era of the depression years. Three orphans banded together for an adventure.Jack Catcher's mother died from dust collected in her lungs. His father hung himself in remorse. Jand and Tony Lewis, siblings, whose father died when his tractor turned over on him.A grouchy neighbor had died sitting on his porch when a sandstorm hit. The three orphans decded to take his car, under a heavy tarp in the barn, and go look for better conditions. The man had no family and no one liked him.Jack drove and thet encounter all sorts of adventure, and trouble, before they are satisfied.Quite a fun read from one of the best.
review 2: Joe Lansdale writing in Y/A mode is much like regular Lansdale, except that the extre
... moreme grotesquery is toned down just a bit, and some of the language. This may have been overlooked, since it is geared to the Y/A audience; so a lot of fans probably missed this Depression era tale of 3 orphans attempting to find a better life outside the Dust Bowl and instead finding encounters with bank robbers, train riders, white slavers and carnys is prime Lansdale. less
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Great Lansdale stuff, don't let the Young Adult designation keep you from reading a grab story.
Another enjoyable depression era novel from Lansdale!
Very interesting, nicely paced, and entertaining!
scritto coi piedi, non regala emozioni.
Joe always delivers!
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