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Ruins Of Gorlan: And, The Burning Bridge (2004)

by John Flanagan(Favorite Author)
4.5 of 5 Votes: 5
0370332148 (ISBN13: 9780370332147)
Bodley Head
review 1: This hardcover edition combines the first two stories in John Flanagan's Ranger Apprentice series. It follows the adventures of a group of orphans, in particular Will (who has no idea who his parents are) and Horrace. Horrace is big, strong and a natural swordsman though of average intelligence. He is taken on as apprentice in the Battleshchool and finds it is not all he expected it to be. The main protagonist though is Will who is small, smart, curious and expert climber and hider. His dream has always been to become a great warrior (as he imagines his father must have been) and he is bitterly disappointed when he is not chosen for the Battleschool but is accepted by the stern and legendary Ranger, Halt, as his apprentice. Will learns a lot over the next several months - ... moreboth about himself as well as ranger skills. Eventually, Horrace and Will are pitted against the major threat to the realm, Morgarath Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night, and his terrifying minions. These two books go well together as both deal with Morgarath. The third book heads of to the northern lands of the Skandians. I enjoyed reading both books. Flanagan is a great story teller. The main characters are interesting and likable. Some of the earlier parts of the first book reminded me a bit of my own writing - due, not doubt, to some common themes and subject matter. I love the realism (as far as I can tell) with respect to horses, military matters, distances etc. The world is clearly medieval Europe - with the map and people groups clearly referencing Great Britain (though the Mountains of Rain and Night are added to the map south of Brighton) and Europe. First published in 2004, Flanagan employs an omniscient narrator and can at times resort to info dumps, 'tell not show' (perhaps a temptation with using an omniscient narrator), but mostly the narrative hums along and it kept me interested with great action scenes, satisfying and emotional climax and conclusions. Perhaps aimed at the lower end of YA, my 15 year old daughter still devoured the first 11 books of the series (for the second time) in a couple of weeks (literally having her nose in a book at every opportunity) and is waiting to get her hands on a copy of book 12. For my part, I will be reading the next book in the series.
review 2: Boek 2: De Brandende Brug is uit. Zeer vlot geschreven, spannend ... Eens je begint wil je echt wel doorlezen en na dat einde wil ik echt wel weten hoe het verder gaat! Ideaal voor tieners die graag willen beginnen lezen of van fantasie houden (zeker voor jongens) ... Ik zelf begin mss iets te oud voor te worden, zeker om ze in het Nederlands te lezen, maar ik ga zeker de andere ook lezen (in het Engels wel) less
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Hij is echt geweldig. Ik heb hem al een stuk of 5 keer gelezen. Echt ik kan gewoon niet zonder!
I love these books!!!!!!
Another great book!
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