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Tribes (Joshua Book 3) (2000)

by John S. Wilson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: It was ok, not great, but ok.There was a bit too much moralizing for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I love moral dilemmas and deep philosophical explorations, just don’t beat me over the head with it. Some of the hand-wringing, long-winded explanations of The Man’s moral conundrums just seemed too much.Also, the book often felt like a sequence of events that didn’t have any cohesive relationship. There wasn’t any real building and for my taste, and way too little character development; particularly in Joshua, but even in The Man himself.This could be a personal bias, but I am not a fan of literary affectations. I hated them in The Road, but at least the writing in The Road was sublimely poetic. Please give the main character a name.This was a serviceable, mos... moretly enjoyable read. It was generally believable which I consider an achievement in the genre. I will probably read the sequel so I guess that means I would recommend it.FYI - Themes of rape, child molestation, sadistic violence, etc. are discussed in the book. It may not be appropriate for younger readers.
review 2: I always try to finish all books that I start, kind of stubborn like that. This one however just fell flat for me, I made it through 70% of the book and just still wasn't invested enough to keep going. The story is sound and realsitic but I feel the author just didn't get his hands dirty enough with this one. It lacked a certain grittiness and emotional development that I would have liked to see in an end of the world novel. Not a bad book by any means, but perhaps better left to the younger readers. less
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I couldn't get past the first page. Typos, missing words and poorly structured sentences.
It's refreshing to read a post-apocalyptic plot that doesn't involve zombies.
This is "The Road" done right. Or at least, done to my taste.
some parts where great, others were completely dull
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