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Shut Your Eyes Tight (2011)

by John Verdon(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 1
0307717895 (ISBN13: 9780307717894)
Dave Gurney
review 1: Retired NYPD detective Dave Guerney is brought into a case by former colleague Jack Hardwick. A new bride has been murdered during her wedding reception, head chopped off presumably by a mysterious gardner on her husband’s estate. As usual, and intricate series of knots are unravelled on the way to the solution of this improbable crime. I grew tired of Dave and his wife water-torture unhappiness around each other, but the mystery took hold and I couldn’t stop until I’d been let in on the solution. Ably read by Scott Brick.
review 2: I really enjoyed Verdon's first Dave Gurney book, Think of a Number, and this new entry lives up to the first and more. You would have to look far and wide for a more complex plot, but Verdon holds it all together in style
... moreand delivers a very satisfying read. Perhaps the sub-(sub-sub-??)plot relationship between Dave and his wife can be a little trying at times when you want to get back to the main story but it does show the protagonist to be a real live person with problems like the rest of us. All in all, this is a great book and I look forward to DG3. less
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It was a little bit predictable. but we love John Verdon's writting!!
The plot was exciting but the relationship stuff was just stupid.
David Gurney character has become an absolute favorite...
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I love this author!
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