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Mystery (2011)

by Jonathan Kellerman(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 2
0345505697 (ISBN13: 9780345505699)
Ballantine Books
Alex Delaware
review 1: This is an Alex Delaware novel, but you can read as stand alone, too. I have listened to several Jonathan Kellerman novels and really like the reader. This particular book was pretty good, but not as intriguing as some of his other mysteries. Alex Delaware is a child psychologist whose best friend is a homicide detective for the LAPD. He often helps on cases by looking at the motives behind the crimes. Mystery is the "name" of the murder victim and how they discover this delves into too many outside sources. I felt that the author was adding characters to fill the pages and the end was kind of rushed. I wasn't completely surprised by "whodunnit", but the details of the crime/how it was committed was a little twist. Overall, this was entertaining to listen to and I will pro... morebably listen to another of his books as I do enjoy the main characters personalities.
review 2: Series books are not usually my thing. Especially one that I have no real life connection to with any of the main characters. I am not a reasonably wealthy psychologist living in Los Angeles solving glamorous murders with my gay tough-guy best friend. But I love Kellerman's Alex Delaware series. [return][return]While there are no surprises in Kellerman's writing, Mystery has a solid storyline and is generally well written. My only complaint is the wrap up resolution felt contrived. To solve the Mystery, Alex does a lot of explaining by making connections or having knowledge that Alex simply could not possess. Still, it works for me and did not spoil my overall enjoyment. Kellerman's writing remains witty; the one liners fresh and wonderfully sarcastic. less
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Had several interesting twists and turns. Liked the way he wove the name "Mystery" into story.
It's an ok read. The books are more of the same. He needs to change up the characters.
Not his best work. Honestly his earlier work was better than the last few.
I love Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis as a team!!
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