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A House Of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan (2010)

by J.P. Barnaby(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 2
1452831017 (ISBN13: 9781452831015)
The Forbidden Room
review 1: In “Forbidden Room” Ethan was something of a mystery and not always a likeable guy. This book gives us his inner dialogue and by the end of the book he was one of my favorite characters ever. A man with a truly horrific childhood who make the amazingly difficult decision to figure out how to move above and beyond those parts of his life he did not have any control over. Jayden spends part of this book being unlikeable, but he is also trying to understand himself. Lexi is also in this book, but she almost seems like a minor character until the last quarter of the book. A definite winner!
review 2: Good Lord have mercy. Why is there so much death in these people's lives? I wanna know. I have never read about so many senseless deaths. This one
... moredid have me shed a few tears. Unrequited love is one of my favourite story lines and yet it is generally done so poorly. In this one, it was done in so many variations I could barely breathe through the pain. A mother's love is not returned. A father's love is misunderstood. A woman's love of her master and partner is not returned. A man's love and devotion is not returned. Good God Almighty. At this point, just slit my wrists. This book focuses on people's wants and desires which sometimes is met and sometimes not. While it is true growth for Ethan, some of his actions do have negative consequences. I felt so sorry for Gabriel. I wish there was another story to this series and may to read about Gabriel. He's such a sweet sweet boy. Of course the two I really wanted to be together are finally together. But at what cost? The collateral damage seems to be quite intense. This book shows us how people aren't perfect. Doms are not infallible. Mistakes are made and best to be discussed and forgiven, especially if it is with people you love. If there is one thing this book says, it's "you never know if you are going to be dead tomorrow. Seize the day!"The BDSM aspect of this story was less than the previous but still just as good. It's nice to show how there can be bad scenes and how to recover. Just as how there are some people who truly aren't good people can also play in the BDSM scene. It's best to know who you are playing with. This contemporary BDSM romance story is just so lovely. It's filled with the realities of life and decisions we make which impact others. I recommend it to those who enjoy BDSM and also like m/m angst. less
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very emotionally told from the Dom's point of view.
So heartbreaking, tragic, and beautiful.
Beautiful. Story.
4.5 stars
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