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Balthazar Jones And The Tower Of London Zoo (2010)

by Julia Stuart(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 3
0007345232 (ISBN13: 9780007345236)
review 1: One review described this book as "whimsical" and it sounds about right. Enjoyable, quick read. If you view at the 10,000 foot level it's a portrait of a marriage after a most traumatic event: one partner who holds it all in, and the other who doesn't. I'm glad (spoiler alert) they were able to find their way back to each other. Otherwise, a reverend who writes erotica, Valerie at the Lost Property Office who tries out everything that's left there - so playful. What a hoot!
review 2: I LOVE Julia Stuart - she writes more than well, she has some profound thoughts about the human soul and The matchmaker of Perigort is one of my favorites ever. This one though is a bit too odd for me. I got the deep idea but I'm obviously too distracted to foll in love.I keep sayi
... moreng Julia Stuart's books are meant for intelligent people. If you are not a reader, you should not even start a book of hers - you will not get it for sure! less
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I fell in love with these quirky characters. I laughed and cried through all their shenanigans.
Cute feel good story that even though has a serious sub plot is just plain fun to read.
Unique, fun and smart.
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