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Seduced By The Highlander (2011)

by Julianne MacLean(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 1
0312365330 (ISBN13: 9780312365332)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Highlander Trilogy
review 1: Lachlan is one of the all time best Highlanders. I loved him. Catherine was not the typically whiney female so I loved her too. This was a great wrap the Ms. MacLean's Highlander series - so glad I read it. Her men were awesome and the women very likeable. I had borrowed all 3 books from my library but I have put them on my Christmas wish list so I can buy them on my Kindle. I will definitely read them again.
review 2: Lachlan is a gifted warrior and lover who believes he haas been cursed by a witch to never have a family and know love, and as a result has been celibate for years. He comes across lady Catherine by accident and believes her to be the witch who cursed him. Catherine has been reunited with her family after being gone for a few years and now has am
... morenesia of the last five years. Lachlan is attracted to Catherine and is repulsed by the fact because of who he believes her to be. Her memory slowly returns, secrets are revealed, new lives are formed, and love and passion bloom. Great read!! less
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4 stars. I love this book and I love the series. Great books.
Impossible to put down! Read the first page if you dare!
loved it
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