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Second Hand Charm (2010)

by Julie Berry(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 4
Bloomsbury, USA
review 1: A good book and a nice piece of fantasy, no question. Julie Berry's style produces and easy read with a compelling and exciting story. I enjoyed especially the character of Clair, Evie's leviathan, and the relationship that is forged between them. The writing was good, and the story was fun to follow. I would approve this book entirely for ages 10-16, depending on reading level--or anyone in the mood for a good dose of magic.
review 2: I lovd ths book, it was so, no words to describe how awesome it was. Ths reminds me of fairy tails because its got the touch of angry stepmothr for revenge, but instead it was her cousin. Then guys were involvd, she did fell for her friend only, but I don't kno if she lovd him(Aidan). The confused gullible see through mistress, h
... moreer handymen, a pet and the book talks lik in modern ages, but not much. Togethr they mak a far journey, tht was complicatd, ran through trouble, lives lost, tears, and pain, sacrifices, secrets unconvered, betrayal, and it was emotionally in depth for me, not enough to mak me cry, but was really real lik u were there. but it was not as much dramatic how I put it.lol, but still it was really good. Which is why I giv it 5 stars, if only it didn't hav 2 end and worse, they only made 1 book. Ugghhhh. ^_^¥_¥ less
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I already read half part of the book months ago.. but I got bored so I finish it! hehe
A quick and enjoyable light read.
Solid fantasy adventure.
Harmless fluff
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