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De Stille Gouvernante (2011)

by Julie Klassen(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 2
902979660X (ISBN13: 9789029796606)
review 1: This book grabbed my attention from the first chapter and held it through the last. I started on Saturday and finished on Sunday! Filled with much more suspense than I expected, the story of Olivia Keene won't soon be forgotten! Julie Klassen's research into the challenges of a governess opened my eyes to many things I didn't know. She paints a picture of life in the nursery, the school room, and below stairs in a grand house in England. She created characters who drew me into their lives ... I shared their fears, their hopes, their anxiety, their joys. I described the book briefly to my granddaughter today, and told her how this governess found herself in a LOT of scary situations!! There were many unexpected turns in mysteries surrounding the Bradley household ... I didn... more't want to stop reading! I loved seeing Olivia come to realize that everyone (even she herself!) has done things that seemingly cannot be forgiven ... But our holy & loving God chooses to offer forgiveness and more -- adoption as His children, fresh beginnings, renewed hope, and restored relationship! If you like romance and suspense, you won't want to miss "The Silent Governess"!!
review 2: Normally a romance will make my stomach turn a little bit (in a good way) or at least put a smile on my face. This one was just bla. I think the main reason for me was that the Hero was just a hypocrite and a jerk most of the time. Yes he realizes it and is unable to show his true feelings, but please how can anyone fall in love with that? The Heroine feels something for him but is always met with coldness. "Why does she feel anything?" is what I was wondering. less
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Another great story from Julie. Story looks at the life of a governess
2 1/2 *s. It took a long time to get past the middle 100 pages.
So good. Stayed up late many a night reading.
Loved this book!
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