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Darker Days (2013)

by Jus Accardo(Favorite Author)
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Entangled Publishing
The Darker Agency
review 1: *Genre* Young Adult, Paranormal*Rating* 3.0*My Thoughts*17-year old Jessie Darker and her mother Klaire, run a private investigative service that isn't exactly normal in it's scope. While Klaire follows cases linked to artifact thefts and property damage, Jessie, while still attending High School, pursues rampaging spirits and demon possession. Jessie isn't exactly your normal teenager and her own actions speak volumes when she takes cases she's been told NOT to. She's part demon on her fathers side, and more times than not, Jessie has a tendency of being a bull in a china shop which leaves her mother cleaning up HER messes.Things pick up when Lukas Scott asks the Darker Agency to locate and stop the Seven Deadly Sins from causing major havoc in Penance. What's the catch? ... moreThey only have 5 days to round the sins up and lock them away again before they take the human bodies they are possessing back to the box that once held them captive. All they need to do to stop the rampage from happening, is to find a descendant of the powerful witch who locked them up more than a century before and the box that contained them. Easy. Peasy. Right? Yeah, no.As for the plot, Darker Days is filled with action, mystery, and romance. The city that the story is set in, Penance, has more than its fair share of paranormal characters. There are demons, witches, werewolves, voodoo priestess, and necromancers. The town is shaken by the arrival of the seven deadly sins who have been reincarnated into human bodies, and villainous witch who wants her own form of revenge on the Darker Family.Jessie is a character who is the true essence of being overly snarky, impatient, impulsive, and destructive. There is a point to being overly snarky. I think Jessie absolutely reaches that point on more than one occasion. She can't help but to do and say things that you want to either laugh or curl up and hurl. She has an irritating ability to put people down when they don't speak her language. She runs off at the handle, and finds her self in deep kimchee without any backup. I do think there are some things that need to be asked about Jessie's heritage and why it has taken her so long to show any signs of following after her father, Damien, who just happens to be a Shadow Demon. I also want to know why no discussion took place between Klaire and Jessie over THAT possibility happening.While the story is told from the perspective of Jessie, the one character that you have to feel a connection to is Lukas. Lukas was betrayed by powerful witch and infused the Wrath sin almost 150 years before. He is seeking revenge, and is determined to stop the villain from continuing to unlock the box containing the 7 deadly sins. Although he has been thrown a major curveball in his life, he somehow managed to capture my attention because he truly is a stranger from a strange land who finds himself in a new world with all sorts of new technology he's never seen before. Darker Days could be another example of love at first sight, or in other circles, Insta-lust. I do believe that they do have a connection. I do believe that the connection can last through trials and tribulations. I just wish that we could have a story where the romance is slowly built from the ground up, until you have the idea moment where everything just clicks together like Legos.I'm happy that Accardo didn't toss Jessie's parents down the chute or totally ignore them. For once, Jessie's parents played a major role in this story, especially her mother. Yes, it is Jessie's to do what she will do, but the dynamics of her family is one that you have to take notice. There are lots of questions about Damien that I need to ask, but I'll hold my patience until the next installment. Lots of YA novels have a bad habit of removing family dynamics either by killing off a parent, or leaving them as helicopter parents. I am also happy that while Accardo does push Jessie around and pushes her to act like an adult, she didn't fully go into the area that I find offensive and unnecessary. Rape.Coincidentally, I do have the second installment, A Darker Past (Thanks to Entangled!) and will be reading that story next. I do think that Jessie has room for improvement and growth. I'm hoping that Accardo doesn't linger with Jessie's new deal, or leave her parents out in the cold. I hope we see more of the other paranormals that appeared as tertiary characters in Darker Days. We shall see.Published August 26th 2013 by Entangled Teen Ember (first published August 19th 2013)
review 2: Darker Days is a sinfully good start to the new Darker Agency series by, Jus Accardo. If you're unfamiliar with Jus' writing, she manages to mix the wit, the sass, the otherworldly, and the romance all into one tastefully delicious book. Her Denazen series put her on my radar, and because of the love I carry for that series, I couldn't get my hands on Darker Days fast enough.Like with Touch, Darker Days is told through the female protagonist's point-of-view, and once again left me with equal amounts of crying because I laughed so hard, and blushing because I swooned so hard. This book is creative in its use of the seven deadly sins (which raised my eyebrows when I first read the synopsis), and even more creative by having the male protagonist be one of those sins. Let's face it, most books try to say their male characters' are sinful, however, Lukas Scott IS sinful.Darker Days starts off with Jessie Darker, the sassy and sarcastic main character, chasing down cheating husbands---and zombies. Yep. Jessie's in the funky business of helping her mom nab those cheating spouses, but also taking down the otherworldly beings that go bump in the night, and day. Right after her disastrous turn at taking out a zombie, Jessie meets Lukas, and everything about Darker Days gets a lot brighter---and hotter.Jessie and Lukas only have a handful of days to capture the six remaining sins, before they're all sent back to their box. In this time, Jessie and Lukas find out what it's like to rely on each other to get them through the rough times; and also what it's like to experience first love. The race against the clock had my heart beating in anticipation and anxiety.Jus Accardo has created yet another hit, and I cannot wait to read the sequel---and any books in the series after it. If you're looking for a quick read that will give you everything you wanted, and so much more, Darker Days is the book to read. less
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Maybe it's just me but it seems the YA paranormal genre has run out of new stories to tell?
I put this on my to-read list and started it today... I've actually read it before. Doh!
I really liked this book. it went very fast for me. can't wait for the next one!
DNF-reasons to come
Review to follow.
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