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The Family We Make (2014)

by Kaje Harper(Favorite Author)
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Finding Family
review 1: Kaje, you did it again. So well done. I loved each character individually and independently for different reasons. Each of them though had strength Rick, Travis and Sam. Devin, Jesse and Jeff were great supporting characters, in their actual support and as great secondary members. I loved Rick. His spunk, his strength, his individuality. He was never afraid to be himself, despite the flack he received. Travis was a perfect balance for him. The battles they fought against family was truly heart-breaking and touching. I'm so glad they had Sam. Please tell me there's more. I need to hear more of Devin and Jesse and Sam and Dora and Rick and Travis. Their journeys must continue. Well Done! Loved it!
review 2: I Always enjoy Kaje's books and this is no exception. He
... more and Rick are a cute couple and what they each had to endure was heartbreaking. Their story was sweet, and intense, and sad, and hopeful, and loving, and a great read. Rick could be tough to like at times because he was so defensive and reactionary. Chin up, chest out, and in your face 'accept me or piss off' attitude. Seemingly making everything about himself, and being less than appreciative to his brother. You have to remember though that he is just turning 18 in the story, and has been through the ringer. It's bound to make the average person a little snippy, let alone a traumatized teenager. :) His love and care of Travis had me warming up to Rick, and cheering on their HEA. I loved Travis, so sweet and gentle, and hated that he had to suffer so much. Coming to terms with his sexuality and dealing with his parents reaction to coming out was alot to deal with. But then to have to deal with the physical consequences of his past choices... My heart was aching for him, how unfair life can be.Both sets of parents drove me crazy but not because they're wasn't realistic. I know that's how many parents react, and sometimes much worse. As a parent myself, I don't understand how people can ever not choose their child first over everything else. I understand the pressures some may face coming to terms but really...if you love them you need to get over all the other bullsh!t. *sigh* The fact that so many are dealing with this type of things daily just makes me sad and frustrated .Anyhoo...back to the storyI loved seeing Devin and Jesse again...and all of Devin's advice and guidance.Sam is the best brother...I wish he was my brother too. His and Dora's side story was sweet.Jeff, the Vietnam Vet, and Sam's work partner is awesome. He just rolls with the punches and provides a soft place for them all to settle. He provides a pseudo parent role...but in a super positive way. An obvious contrast to the actual parents. All in all I enjoyed it! less
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Loved it more than I have loved a book for a while!
Only one word.....beautiful.
Who talks like that????
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