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Jag Kan Se I Mörkret (Konrad Sejer #2) (2012)

by Karin Fossum(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 1
9137136984 (ISBN13: 9789137136981)
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review 1: I lied. I didn't actually finish this book. It's the first Karin Fossum book I have not avidly devoured. To say it was very disappointing is putting it mildly. I reached 100 pages, and thought I do not want to spend another moment in this abhorrent character's mind. As a fan of Fossum's work, I am fully aware that she often writes from the point of view of the killer, and this often makes for a disturbing and disquietening read. I am aware of this, and this is what is intriguing about reading her books - the dark places she can take her reader. But with her main protagonist in "I can see in the Dark", Riktor, I could not bear to spend another moment with him. And what was truly lacking, was that there were no insights into the reasons behind his cruel and petty actions. H... moree was just horrible. I could see not see the reason for writing this book. This is an aberration in Fossum's otherwise outstanding body of work.
review 2: I am a sucker for a good thriller/serial killer story. That is when I can find a good thriller/serial killer story. This sadly was not one. In fact, I don't really know what all happened in this book. While it was a fast read, it felt slow. This is probably because I found nothing engaging about Riktor. Yet I kept reading trying to understand his motivation for why he kills. Even that was boring. Like the time he watched a guy drown in a frozen hole in the lake. It was painfully slow to watch and did not really leave me satisfied. After about a third of the way in which was not that hard to get there as this is one of the shorter books I have read at 210 pages. Anyways, I skipped to the last two chapters of the book to see how it all ended. Not a good ending. You may want to skip this book if you are a fan of thriller/serial killers like me and are looking for your next victim...ahem book. less
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More a 3.5 than a 3. Disturbing portrait of a sociopath....
I didn't make it even 20 pages. Too grim and weird.
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