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The Inconvenient Marriage Of Charlotte Beck (2011)

by Kathleen Y'Barbo(Favorite Author)
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0307444821 (ISBN13: 9780307444820)
WaterBrook Press
Women of the West
review 1: Kathleen Y’Barbo delivers a fun and light-hearted romance in The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck. While I believe Mr. Beck overreacted quite a bit—Charlotte’s behavior though a bit impulsive and naïve at times was never bad and certainly didn’t warrant being pushed into an arranged marriage—I did enjoy the conundrum Alex and Charlotte faced. Watching them squirm and fight their ever growing feelings and conflicting emotions was very amusing.At times, I mentally slapped my forehead and wondered what in the world was Charlotte thinking. She could single-handedly get herself into some pretty ridiculous (and extremely laughable) situations, but then who doesn’t know a person like that in his/her own life. I can think of a few in mine. I recommend this book... more to anyone wanting to take a break from the “real world” and immerse him/herself into a few hours of fun and uncomplicated reading.Review copy provided by publisher.
review 2: If I had realized this was the last book in a series of three, I would have read the other books first. Having said that, this book stands well alone. I enjoyed the innocent chaos Charlotte caused wherever she went and how good she was at denial. "I'm sure that never happened." She was totally loveable - as Alex Hambly found out. It is so refreshing to read about a strong, intelligent woman in this time period (late 1800's) and to see her supported by the men in her life. My library has this book listed as Christian fiction. I'm not sure I'd agree. There are a couple of, in passing mensions of faith and prayer but not to the extent that I would expect to see in 'Christian Fiction'. My preference would be to categorize it as 'Sweet Romance'.A very nice, light, easy read that totally filled my craving for romance and history. less
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This book was sent to me by the publisher for my review on Squeaky Clean Reads
Read in 24 hours time. Excellent banter!!!!
This was was a really fun, quick read.
Book 3 of 3
Great book.
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