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Bones In Her Pocket (2013)

by Kathy Reichs(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
1448185580 (ISBN13: 9781448185580)
Cornerstone Digital
review 1: Well, this was as short as promised, but at least it was a regular Tempe story! No school-girl angst over Andrew Ryan. No Pete & Summer drama. Tempe isn't flying off to parts unknown for flimsily created reasons. Just a normal whodunit mystery to be solved by Tempe and Slidell. This is the kind of storytelling that readers fell in love with, and it's good to know that Kathy Reichs still remembers how to write that way. I can only hope she resumes the trend with the next book!
review 2: I think I prefer Temperance in Canada...this wasn't a very special story or special mystery ... just meh! etc you know what to expect but I don't carry this expectation w/ me for each of the T.B. novels. Also had a bit of trouble 'wrapping my head around' this southern sheriff k
... moreind of interaction w/ Stinky or Spike or whomever that was. So, it was OK, especially for a picked up for a quick break out of some other reading. less
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Short and sweet! It was different from the usual formula in this series but every bit as good.
This is a short story. I liked the story but be forewarned it does deal with animal abuse.
Another good e-novella by Kathy Reichs! Lots of good science! My favourite!
A quick an easy read. Nothing out of the ordinary but enjoyable.
A really good quick read and a great twist ending.
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