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Let Me Be Clear: Barack Obama's War On Millennials, And One Woman's Case For Hope (2014)

by Katie Kieffer(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I won a copy of this book through good reads and reading this book I understand what is being said and this goes along with some of the interviews that I have watched with college students who got caught up in the whole hope and change deal. Now that reality has set in we face plenty of repercussions from the lies our younger generations believed at the time. I hope everyone who reads this book will just think about what they just read and will vote with a more educated vote in the future and hope also our next president can help straighten out the mess we now have. This was an interesting read and gives you plenty to think about.
review 2: I won this book in a giveaway on Goodreads and it is really bad while there are some facts which are backed up other ones
... more are biased. And all the author does is rant over and over. She acts like the millennials are some poor little lambs and Obama is Satan incarnate and while I know that Obama has his part in the problem so does Congress and many other factors. And the millennials had their choice, whether or not it was thought out is another thing. And not all the millennials didn't think it out whether they voted for Obama or not some of them did and still voted for him. And while yes he has taken advantage of people and that wasn't right of him. That doesn't mean that you can't think for yourself. I do not recommend this book unless you want a headache. less
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The Obama is a retard thing is getting a little old. Everyone already knows he is!
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I would give ten stars if I could.
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