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Copper (2010)

by Kazu Kibuishi(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
0545098939 (ISBN13: 9780545098939)
review 1: Kazu Kibuishi is a Genius! After reading the Amulet series I was looking for more Kazu Kibuishi because I really loved the story and art in that graphic novel series. I then found this gem in a book store and again was absolutely in love. Copper is a comic strip series about a boy named Copper and his dog named Fred. Its about all the adventures they go on together. It was incredible! The storylines were simple but entertaining which I liked. Some of the stories also had some great meanings to them which I loved dearly.Although the main thing that made me love this book was the extraordinary illustrations. I am just absolutely in love with them as I was with his other series. They are so adorable but also there is a deeper meaning to the stories through the details of eac... moreh image. This book was almost a 5 stars for me but because it was a story per strip there wasn't much depth to each story although it was still entertaining. 4.5 stars!
review 2: Plaintive, simple and effective, this collection of stories about the optimistic and philosophical Copper and his somewhat more fatalistic pup Fred is a quick pick-me-up, a palette cleanser if you will, after a heavy or depressing read. Much in the spirit of Calvin and Hobbes or The Phantom Tollbooth, Copper and Fred's adventures through their not-at-all-real world are entertaining, while their discussions will inspire reflection. less
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These comics are what inspired me to draw! Love the stories, setting, and art!
One of my new favorite graphic novels.
Superb! Mature! Insightful! Gorgeous!
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