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Jack & Jill (2013)

by Kealan Patrick Burke(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 2
Elderlemon Press
review 1: When John and Gillian were children, they would always visit a local cemetery. John and Gillian loved rolling down the hill. They had done this many times before. This was to escape from the abuse they were suffering from the hands of there father. One time John was not so lucky. He struck his head on a rock and was killed. Years later Gillian is grown up and married with two children. Every night in her dreams, she sees John die. In her dreams Gillian is tormented by a man with coat hangers for hands and a plastic bag wrapped around his head. Gillian husband Chris, thinks that she might need professional help. Gillian doesn't agree a first but then decides it might help her. Chris and Gillian marriage is on the rocks. The children always noticing them fighting. Can Gillia... moren survive her past and live for the future. This is Kealan Patrick Burke at his best. This novella is packed with twist and turns that I did not see coming. I highly recommend this book!
review 2: A powerful, emotional and intense novella from Burke who once again proves how talented a writer he really is. The writing is fluid and poetic and brings to life the internal struggles of a woman who suffered horribly at the hands of her own father. The relationship between Gillian and Chris, her husband, is played out with an amazing awareness of how couples really deal with each other's issues and how those issues can ultimately affect the relationship. The ending is a punch in the gut and makes you think about what is real and what is imagined by those tormented by their childhood. If you haven't read Burke before, try this one. Very highly recommended. less
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This was OK, but I was disappointed that there was no mote story and character development.
Hard book to put down, pretty messed up. 4 stars only because I wanted more......
Short little novella that packed a punch..I was pleasantly surprised!!
Great novella and totally messed up in the best possible way.
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