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The Inside Boy (2014)

by Keith Donohue(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 4
1250057167 (ISBN13: 9781250057167)
review 1: Still undecided about how I feel for this book. Overall, I thought that the adult characters, especially the mother, were self absorbed. There was a story between the two pairs of parents that never really was explained, or further stretched out. I just kept trying to figure out how everything fit together, and in the end I realized that they were just fragments of nonsense pieced together. I liked the twist in the end, did not see that coming, but really, I could have done without reading this book.
review 2: Keith Donohue returns with another book about strange things happening around children. There is definitely a formula at work. Kids and scary stories have always gone together, just ask John Saul who's made a career of it. Of course, unlike Saul, Donohue
... morecan actually write. His horror is quiet, atmospheric, very much of a literary kind. Good writing like good art brings things to life, this is particularly apt within the context of the book. Donohue brings to life the claustrophobic bleak isolation of Maine in the winter so well creating a place where the line between nightmares and reality can easily be blurred. This would make a perfect snow day read. In all fairness this story drew me in less than his previous works, something in the pacing maybe, the meditations on parenting interesting, but slightly repetitive and nonproductive to the story, but the awesome twist ending saved and elevated the book. Now go draw some monsters. If you dare. less
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Just awful. I don't believe that this author wrote a best-seller at some point. Lies!
Book club November 2014
oh the plot twist
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