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Mercy Bound (2013)

by Kele Moon(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 2
1419945912 (ISBN13: 9781419945915)
Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc
review 1: Mercy Bound by Kele MoonB, inferno, sci-fi/futuristic, mild kink, 44 pagesIn a futuristic world a doctor accidentally sends Dray into a mating heat and Mercy is the only female around. It's a good thing that Mercy has been in love with Dray for years, because it's literally a life and death situation.I really enjoyed this quick, steamy read. Dray has been avoiding his feelings for Mercy for years, trying to be honorable. Mercy is determined to save Dray from his mating heat, not really understanding what she's getting herself into. I loved the strong characters that Kele Moon has created. I look forward to reading more from her in the future.
review 2: QUICK READ, BUT IT'S HOTDray and his brother Conrad are Alanta warriors. They were adopted by a human mal
... moree when their parents were killed. The daughter of the human, Mercy follows in her fathers footsteps and becomes a bounty hunter. Dray had promised her father before he died that he would look out for Mercy and protect her. A promise Mercy thinks he takes too far.When Dray is wounded yet again protecting Mercy, the doctor gives him a new drug to heal the wound. Unfortunately the drug is meant for use on humans, not an Alanta warrior. The upshot is that the drug kicks in Dray's mating heat, and the only female on the spaceship is Mercy. She has been in love with Dray forever. But he has vowed to protect her. The mating of an Alanta warrior is rough. The question is can Mercy stand the pace.I'm a big fan of this author. I like her writing style. This is a quick read, but it's really hot. There are even some humorous moments as well. I liked the amount of detail the author managed to pack in for such a quick read. A real keeper. I hope we are going to get Conrad's story. less
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good short story. i wush it was longer i enjoy km's writing
Wowzer!! A nice, steamy, quick read.
A fun hot quick read.
Short, hot and sweet.
More please.
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