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Finding Eden (2011)

by Kele Moon(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 2
1419935305 (ISBN13: 9781419935305)
Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
review 1: After I've already written a gushing review on Beyond Eden, I now can't deny it anymore: this series is perfection, at least for me. I thought I wouldn't want to go back to the beginnings, to how the D/s relationship between Danny and Paul started. I'd rather so much wanted to move forward and read more about the three of them, together with Evie. But it was still so worth it.Both of the guys didn't have a wonderful childhood. Danny's had the alcoholic father but was stilled blessed with a wonderful mother. Paul, well Paul didn't experience a lot of love as a child, he was beaten and battered by his father and brothers. Danny and Eve were the pillars in his lonely world driven by expectations and performance pressure. And now, after he's let Eve go, there's only Danny left... more. Danny finds out about Paul's fetish rather accidentally. From the on, the story quickly proceeds and moves towards the deep but still tragic relationship that they have established by the time Eve finds them again.Let's not talk about the cover. I hate the covers for these books. They're obviously centered on this Eden theme but they don't convey anything about how the books are really like. No, let's talk about what makes those books so special.I have never found an author who could write about submission like Kele Moon. I don't know how she does it, but I could read those pages again and again and never get bored. She makes Paul's extreme urge for pain, his innate submission look so incredibly beautiful and breath-taking. I didn't even think that was possible before I read the Eden books. The complete trust Paul has in Danny, the way he's desperate for touch but can't bear it from most people, it was breaking my heart over and over again. When all three books are out, I'll have to read them again, in the right order, and devour every word and every emotion. Though they take you to the bottom of painful submission plays, they're nothing but amazing and achingly emotional. All fans of this genre (and all those interested to become fans) should read the Eden series!I'm so looking forward to Claiming Eden where Danny gets trained to be a true Dom without losing control (because Paul certainly wouldn't stop him from doing anything to him). Every good Dom needs to learn how to submit before he can dominate and I can't picture Danny doing that at all. It's going to be a tough experience for him but he'll do it out of love for Paul. There's still no release date but I'm hoping for next year.
review 2: more than 5stars!! LOVED this book!!!! I don't want to give anything away. But this writer has the smutt writing down PAT!!!!!! Loved the 3 relationships in this book. Had me at page one and I was salivating at the end for MORE!! and Kele Moon didn't disappoint with a 2nd book, Beyond Eden.......AMAZING!!!!!! (i love dirtyyy books, BDSM (with heart, and yes it is possible!!) and mm action, which this book delivered! If you loved the Original Sinners by Tiffany Reisz, you will LOVE this!!!!! Yes I use ! alot lol less
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Great way to fill us in on what happened right before book 1.
loved it, but I want more...
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