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Starfish And Coffee (2012)

by Kele Moon(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 5
1611189446 (ISBN13: 9781611189445)
Loose Id, LLC
review 1: The story opens with Alex, the owner of a restaurant in the Florida Keys, finding out his former lover Matt, the scion of a rich department store family, has returned to the island. We then flash back to the development of that relationship and that part of the book is 5 stars. I loved the snark and defensiveness of Alex and the outspokenness of Matt. The development of their love was great. The angst was believable. But then there is the "great misunderstanding" and the return of Matt to the island and it just was too OTT and not believable. I kept this at 4 stars because I think these two belonged together, I just didn't buy into the way it unfolds here.
review 2: This was a sweet, super sexy, beachy read about love and forgiveness and overcoming differ
... moreences, and I was really enjoying it. Like four-and-a-half stars enjoying it, up until the very end. Here I mean that at 98%, there was some ridiculous last-minute secondary character drama that was so completely unnecessary that I just didn't know what to do with it. It was as if the author was trying (not very hard) to wrap everything up in a nice HEA bow, but all I wanted to do was strangle someone with said bow. I've bitched about it before and I'll probably bitch about it again (soon), but I will never understand why authors decide to pile on these totally redundant crises and dramas in books that are already swimming in it. Sometimes simpler really is better. less
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I enjoyed this but I thought the conflict resolution was weak.
New author for me...great story writing and great heat!!
Excellent book...loved it.
4.5 stars. Loved it!
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