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The Bride Backfire (2009)

by Kelly Eileen Hake(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 3
1602601763 (ISBN13: 9781602601765)
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review 1: Fun, light read. Loved revisiting old friends in the familiar characters. Loved the ending, but always sad to see it end. Opal speck puts it all on the line when she offers adam grogan his life line from the gun pointed at him by her father and brothers. A shotgun wedding due to her make believe child that adam and her will have. This attempt to save him put her in a position to have to betray her families trust and loyalty of the feud between the two families, when all she wanted to do was keep the peace. She goes home with adam to instant rejection from his family. Adam won't act as her husband till she tells who the father is so they will start out their marriage with no secrets. She can't of course for fear that he will get the marriage annulled and start a bigger fig... moreht for the two families. Added plot comes in the form of the leering Larry, adam's younger brother who wants opal for his own. He even takes it upon himself to rid opal of her pretend baby. When Ben, opal older brother and Willa, Adan's younger sister run off to elope and all her lessons from midge to seduce adam have backfired, she is ready to let Ben and Willa take over mending the families. This is when Larry kidnaps her and adam comes across the truth about her caring for him and no baby. He goes after her and Larry gets killed trying to save opal from snakes. Adam offers opal a real marriage when he shows her to the dugout he has made for their home together.
review 2: Opal thinks she is saving a mans life by saying he is the father of her unborn child, but throws their lives into chaos. Her family forces a shotgun wedding, and crazy happens from there. There were several times when I was frustrated with the characters, and their choices. The ending was ridiculous. SPOILER ALERT!!! Larry was a horrible person who tried to kill her baby and didn't mind hurting her to do it. So what if he jumped in front of snakes so she wouldn't die, he only did it not to save her, but to keep her for himself! ALL selfish! I didn't see a redeeming quality in him, but the family decided to see him as a hero anyway. Call a spade a spade! Lets face it, he was evil!Very annoying. I liked it until that part! less
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Two feuding families, two peace markers in those families find themselves married to keep the peace.
I liked this book a lot more than the first one in this series. An easy, pool-side read...
Better than the first in the series. A fun preimse, easy read.
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