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Good To The Grain: Baking With Whole-Grain Flours (2010)

by Kimberly Boyce(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 2
1584798300 (ISBN13: 9781584798309)
Stewart, Tabori and Chang
review 1: You thought the cover made you salivate? Just wait 'til you flip through the book's interior photos and come across the shot of our favorite recipe so far: pear and buckwheat pancakes with golden honey butter syrup. Shluuup! Aaaah. I've been daydreaming all week about the night we ate those two Thursdays ago. Is a two week space a long enough time to make a repeat in the dinner menu? Definitely! I can't wait to try more of these recipes! Thank you, Angel Laura, for gifting us this gem!
review 2: Things I liked: The book was organized by type of flour, so it was easy to find everything with corn flour, for example, right in one spot. There were also a lot of highly creative combinations.Things I disliked: I thought this was going to be a book with a lot of 1
... more00% whole grain recipes, or something close to it. But most of the recipes had a lot of white flour -- the other flours are used as flavors. While I love the idea of enhancing and using the flavor of various grains, throwing a bunch of white flour in anything leaves me less-than-enthusiastic about baking. I also wasn't a fan of the photography. It was artistic and lovely, but I'd rather have pictures that are also instructional (showing me what the finished muffins should look like, for example, rather than an artistic shot of muffin batter). less
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A classic cookbook at this point. A must have if you're a foodie.
This is exactly what I've been looking for in a baking book.
Still reading. have not tried any of her recipes yet.
A little too in-depth for what I needed.
my other new favorite book.
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