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The Diva Wraps It Up (2014)

by Krista Davis(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 1
0425258149 (ISBN13: 9780425258149)
A Domestic Diva Mystery
review 1: It is the Christmas season in Old Town Alexandria , Virginia. And this book number 8 in the diva series has all you could want for the season. A neighborhood house decorating contest, Christmas decorations, a few flakes of snow, tree trimming and even a Cookie Swap. So a bit of murder and mayhem is added to spice things up. Our Sophie has her regular run ins with Natasha which are always good for a laugh or two. And than there are the men in Sophie's life which seem to be multiplying . And lots of food . A great mystery- one that I could not figure out.
review 2: I love this series. Sophie is such a great character and now she's getting into some deep emotional water. It's going to be a huge amount of fun to follow her romantic entanglements while she untan
... moregles the mysteries around her. This installment is set in the Christmas season. The action begins immediately with Horace's fall from the balcony during the first Christmas party of the season and continues non-stop through to the judging of the Clark Griswold contest for best decorations. Plot, characters, and story are impeccable. Davis's skill at weaving a tight tale is awesome. I love it when I get to the end of a book, turn around, look back, smack myself in the forehead, and say, "of course, why didn't I see it coming." Buy this book for a Christmas present, but make sure you get yourself a copy to read now. And don't miss the Christmas cookie recipes. I discovered an old friend there, Elaine Faber's Holiday Nut Drops - they sound just like the brown sugar cookies of my childhood. less
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Great read. Still wondering why Mars is with Natasha.
Not my favorite of the series, but a solid cozy.
4.5 Stars, really. Love these books.
So far, so good.
Love her books
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