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Silenciadas (2010)

by Kristina Ohlsson(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 5
Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht
review 1: This book took me 12 hoyrs to read. It's THAT GOOD. Fredrika is a pregnant detective with lots of flashes of brilliance. Peder is a detective known rather for crude jokes at female coworkers' expense, but they'll let him go to a special sensitivity class since regardless of how dirty the job, he gets it done and done right. Alex leads the team in a tough case involving family secrets, rape and murder--all part of a coverup for something sinister. SHIVERS!!! it's like Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, only better w/ crisp, beautiful prose and good characters as well as very evil beings. I may have to backtrack and read the first of the series to catch up but I do love this one.
review 2: Fair mystery and fairly interesting characters with some fairly gripping moments
... more but just a few too many people with story lines that meander off into nothingness making the book longer than it needs to be. I would read another of the author's books though, as minor fixes in the next book combined with the current ability to tell a story and create characters we care about could make it really good. less
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Didn't like this as much as the other Ohlsson I read (I read them out of order).
Great book, glad I tried this author. Looking forward to more!
Another very enjoyable Scandic police procedural.
Me likey
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